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GoogleIO 2013 Keynote Recap

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So today was the opening of the 2013 GoogleIO developer conference in San Francisco and the Googlers announced a insanely crazy amount of new projects/services/features in just the first few hours, which is very exciting for every web/android developer. The next three days will be very busy, with a lot of focus on Chrome, Android and Google+.

Though, we don’t have new Nexus devices, no Android 4.3, and no Javascript AppEngine runtime. So huge fail on my previous predictions.

The keynote started with a big fail demo effect happened in the very first demo about Android multiplayer gaming when demoing a new Google Cloud Messaging feature, quite embarassing, but then everything ran smoothly.

Here’s a little recap of the most important things announced just during the 3 hours keynote :


  • Google cloud messaging : can now be used in a bidirectionnal way, and apps can now also store data in the cloud and sync it across devices (scores, leaderboards…).
  • Google Game Services platform to help game developers with new APIs
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in June on Google Play with standard Android build and unlocked bootloader ! 649$ though but without that ugly, messy, shitty Samsung overlay.
  • Android studio to replace Eclipse nightmare, finally ! good move !
  • Unified and synced notifications between devices.
  • Translation service for apps, better analytics…
  • Enhanced maps API

Google Music

  • Access to all the music for 9.99$/month
  • Discover to new recommended songs with google suggestions
  • Google powered radio feature based on what you like

Chrome / Web

  • 750 millions active chrome users globally
  • WebP and VP9 royalty-free compression standards for images and videos to increase speed specially on mobile devices.
  • Google provides a free (deactivable) proxy for Android to improve speed based on this codecs.
  • New payment autocomplete API will help process payments quickly on websites, specially useful on mobile (2 clicks payments)
  • Google will finally release a rock solid UI framework based on web components standards : . I wonder how it will fit with AngularJS.
  • V8 will integrate asm.js to improve Javascript performance.

Google +

  • New interface :)
  • Better Hangouts
  • Unified notifications across devices
  • Better pictures management, event an ‘auto awesome’ mode :)


  • iPad version this summer
  • Brand new Google maps, with new design, more space for content, and builtin 3D thanks to WebGL


In other news

Anything missed ?

You can still watch the full keynote on Youtube of course.