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Create and Host a Beautiful Website for Free Using GitHub

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In this tutorial i’ll show you how you can setup, publish and host a nice single-page website in minutes and completely free of charge using Github pages.

I assume you’re you are already familiar with :

We’ll use the awesome to host our static website and create it using an existing template. Github hosts your website code history publicly and you benefit, among other things, from code versionning and free, high-quality hosting (cdn, ddos protection…).

WARN Files stored on Github are public to anyone (except if you buy a private repo), so don’t store anything sensible here.

What is a “static” website ?

For small websites, CMS solutions like WordPress and equivalents are largely overkill and require some technical setup and mandatory maintenance mostly due to security patches and unattended upgrades.

Nowadays, it is possible to create awesome websites in a server-less way, using only client-side technologies. This mean you can host your website anywhere without any configuration, as all the code executes is only in the final user browser (HTML, Javascript and CSS), and this has several advantages :

  • simple
  • no maintenance
  • no hacking
  • better performance
  • less is more
  • simple is beautiful

Any serious business now offers an API that you can integrate in some way your static website if you need so this static approach has NO LIMIT.

Next articles will provide more advanced examples using a static website generator.

Create the Github repository

create a new repository for your website : ex: mywebsite

This will create a public repository at

Single page website with Github page generator

3-clicks setup using one of the GitHub built-in templates

Go to your github project page,

  • Go to repository settings (icon in the right-bottom)
  • Automatic page generator and click Launch
  • Edit your website text
  • Select a template and Publish Page

Wait a few seconds and goto :

your website is up :)

Edit the website online

Go to your github project page,

This is all your websites files.

Click the file you want to edit, for example index.html (main page), make your changes then click the “pen” icon on top-right of the editor.

Under the file editor there’s a “Commit changes” form, set the title to a good description of your changes : ex: “contact info update”

Press Commit changes button.

Wait a few seconds and goto :

your website is updated :)

Edit the website on your computer

For more advanced edition and comfort you may want to edit from your preferred text editor on your computer.

Setup the GitHub app with your account : or

  • Clone the project on your computer, it will download the code from github
  • Edit the files on your computer, add javascript, images, etc…
  • Test if everything works locally
  • Then Commit those files with an explicit message from github app
  • Sync with Github

your website is updated :)

Test the website locally

You can open the file in your web browser to test the result.

WARN If you added google maps or some javascript API, be sure to run python -m SimpleHTTPServer from your console in the project folder, and use in the browser.

Use great templates

If you want different templates than github ones, you just need to replace your repository content with the new one.

Choose one of the high-quality template from or, download and extract to your project folder.

Edit the files, test, commit & sync and you’re done.

Next steps

Learn Markdown syntax : reference

Learn GIT :

Learn Javascript : and Eric Elliott book


How do i setup a domain name ?

  • Buy a domain from (or other serious one)
  • Edit the domain “DNS zone” and follow the github dns instructions
  • add CNAME file, containing, to your repository

The DNS changes can take up to 24h before propagating so try tomorrow

Github Help : custom domain, dns setup

How to add a page ?

Just add some more html files, like “products.html” and add a link to it from index : <a href="products.html">products</a>.

How to get traffic analytics ?

If you want to track your visitors and analyse where they come from and what they do on your website, create an account on Google Analytics and add the tracker to your page code.

How to add a Map ?

If you need an interactive map, you can follow Google Maps instructions.

Alternatively, follow Leaflet instructions to take avantage of the OpenStreetMap project, which is community driven, free and open source.

If you just need a map image : generate the HTML code from here : ad copy the “HTML” to your page. Full static images doc :

How to add comments ?

Create an account on and add the javascript code to your page.

How to add a contact form ?

Create an account on and add the javascript code to your page, create the form there and copy the javascript “embed” code to your page.

Alternatively : Create an account on, create the form there and copy the javascript “embed” code to your page.

How to receive payments ?

Create an account on and add the javascript code to your page.

What is gh-pages ?

gh-pages is a special “branch” (source code version) on github that automagically publish and host a static website.

If you have any question, feel free to ask below :)